Group Health Insurance in Dallas-Fort Worth

Group Health Insurance in Dallas-Fort Worth

Health insurance provided to employees by an employer or an association to its members is called group coverage. If you purchase a policy on your own, outside of the employer or association's plan for the masses, it is called individual coverage. Those are the basics.

Even as a member of an organization that provides group insurance, you are free to opt out of the coverage and pick your own provider. But should you? Our insurance experts from Team Pryor Group customize coverage options for individuals and groups throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and will be glad to help you identify an ideal policy to fit your needs at a customer-friendly price.

For employers, have relationships with dozens of companies and will find the best group policies with the most cost-effective benefits for your workers.

Comparing Group vs. Individual Coverage

Under employer-sponsored group coverage, an employer typically will:

  • Select the company that provides you coverage
  • Provide a choice of health insurance plans from that company
  • Pay for all or some of your monthly premium
  • Deduct your share of your premium from your paycheck each pay period
  • Provide your plan documents
  • Answer questions about your plan

Employees who decline their group plan at work can opt for individual coverage. By rejecting employer-sponsored insurance, an employee must:

  • Shop for and choose a plan that covers you and your family
  • Purchase your plan
  • Make all monthly premium payments
  • Research & manage all of your health-coverage benefits

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Depending on how many employees are involved, benefits covered by group and individual plans may be different. Plans for individuals and businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees cover the same 10 essential health benefits. If your employer has 51 or more full-time employees, they have more say-so in coverage options.

Let Team Pryor Group find your Perfect Group Health Insurance Option

Offering a group insurance plan for your employees is a major benefit for any employer when it comes to recruiting and retaining talented workers. In many situations, the opportunity to join a dependable group insurance plan can mean more to an employee than a potential pay raise. To select the ideal group health coverage option for your employees in DFW, you need to contact Team Pryor Group online or give us a call at 123-456-7890. For years, our proven professionals have been providing perfect policy options for customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, McKinney, HEB and other Metroplex locations.

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